Nowadays due to huge competition all are facing the issues of the Client Retention, Unsatisfied Staff, No stock record, unable to attract potential Clients, No tracking of Sales or Best services. Needn’t get worried, these are the minor issues that can be fixed in no time. Just follow these below-mentioned points & help your salon business to Increase your Salon Revenue and customer loyalty.

Ways to Increase your Salon Revenue

1. Loyalty Program

Your customers are the heart of your Salon/Spa online business. Salonist Salon software‘s Loyalty program is an ultimate way to express your appreciation & keep them satisfied.Do you know focusing your online marketing strategies on clients retention can give your salon a quantum leap? If no, then this program will make the difference. It makes it even easier for the salons to recognize their potential customers to visit any of the branches without re-registering themselves.

2. Membership Management

Does your salon offer membership? If not, try out such programs, if done correctly, can help retain your clients, boost your team’s productivity, and increase your one-time cash-flow for a year. The best thing about membership is that it helps foster client loyalty to keep them coming back for more services. Because it is more likely to motivate clients to visit your salon more often than casually they would. It needs to be valuable to your customers. So, be it discount based or E-wallet Based.

3. Staff Commission

This ultimate feature of salonist give two types of methods to give staff commission:

  1. By selecting Method: In this method, a commission is given on the basis of how much revenue and leads generated by staff.
  2. Fixed Percentage Method: In this particular method, a manager has to enter that percentage in the system, and commission is included in the salary of staff.

4. Package Management

Packages allow the clients to attain multiple services at one go, but what if the client couldn’t take all at once, then it may lead to a decrease in sales. Therefore, salonist amazing features of different package services help business owners give their customers the option to choose a package of their own choice.

5. Reporting

Powerful & seamless reporting shows how much your business is serious about maintaining the proper salon data. Proper Reporting for staff, time to time measuring of the sales, and maintaining running & scheduled appointments in a smooth manner is not as easy as it seems. Salonist’s AI system helps you maintain your data in a proper way so that you can access your customer’s data easily & safely.

6. Inventory Management

Inventory is the most important part of a business as it is a basic resource that is required to run a business. It includes various aspects including overseeing and controlling of storage inventory, ordering inventory, and the number of products for sale. So, it essential to manage the inventory on a regular basis, if you manage it properly, you can reduce the products costing 70% a month. Salonist software assists salon owners to manage the inventory of their salon products in an easy way.

7. Lead Management

Lead Management is one of the major issues, which the salon and spa owners not following. A lot of walk-ins are there in salons and spa so if you track for it and then keep sending offers to that leads in a timely manner should be on high priority.  This way, you can get the better returns, as it’s human physiology if they keep seeing the offers where the number of user visits, it impacts them mentally that why don’t we go to take that service once.


Salonist software is the easiest way to manage your salon and spa business. It helps business owners increase leads, Increase your Salon Revenue, and record client history in an easy and hassle-free manner. Its mission is to provide an end-to-end online platform for salon, spa business owners to create long-lasting & loyal customers. Besides simplify management and administration tasks,  Salonist has a simple yet clear objective – To offer a unique retention marketing solution to business owners, by which they can recognize, reward, and retain potential customers for faster growth.