How to prepare your business for the Third wave

Not to mention, the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged in the form of a third wave now, resulting in massive financial and social consequences. Although some industries are reopening and working securely, the epidemic has had an increased effect. This simply illustrates the importance of implementing vital relief strategies such as social distancing.

Stats says it better:

  • 55% of businesses believed that the implementation of safety measures resulted in a growth in operational costs.
  • Only 3% of employees took sick leave because of COVID-19. This is the highest of all since the end of December 2021. 

All businesses need to follow the safety guidelines to ensure a healthy workplace. The goal is to keep personnel and customers safe. Also, equip the area with the tools necessary to keep consumers interested and offer measurable customer experiences.

The second coronavirus outbreak taught many businesses how to establish an internet presence. Several of them use social media platforms and sites to keep their businesses current and relevant to the customer needs.

It is no longer difficult for a company to plan for the third wave and beyond. Maintaining correct social distance, using face masks, and following all safety rules can help businesses survive the approaching impacts while providing excellent customer service. This will ensure that the organization remains in a stronger position.

While IT companies and other industries can adapt to remote working, it is easy for them to put safety first. However, the question arises as to whether or not other businesses can do the same. How can medical facilities, government offices, food stores, and other retailers keep up with their operations amid the third wave of coronavirus?

Here’s How to Prepare your Business for the Third Wave and Beyond

Businesses and Covid

Incorporate Virtual Queue System for Safer Social Distancing

To handle client trips digitally and avoid intimate human interactions in groups, a digital queue management system is essential. It allows visitors to remotely sign up for services and enables personnel to retain social distance while serving them.

Social distancing is a technique for boosting business growth and attracting new clients. Furthermore, safety concerns have trumped all other considerations such as convenience, price, and location. Before making any decisions, people are more concerned with workplace safety and health precautions. As a result, relying on social distancing becomes vital to providing excellent customer service.

Enable Online Appointment Scheduling Convenience 

The online appointment scheduling feature is included in Qwaiting’s cloud-based queue management software. It’s easy to use, convenient, and allows clients to schedule appointments quickly.

To lower the congestion in the waiting room while keeping the safety of personnel and customers, the company must maintain contact with clients before they arrive to be served. Here, using the virtual queuing solution builds communication with the customers by enabling them to check-in at their leisure. Also, they can cancel the appointments if they need to. This will help to lower the consumer wait times and provide top-notch customer service. 

Aim at Contactless Delivery Technique

The coronavirus served as a testbed for various enterprises looking to try out new services. Implementing contactless services, in particular, has become the new method these days.

Curbs are still at their bare minimum in the third wave. As a result, businesses can:

  • Provide options for contactless delivery and payment.
  • Food, meds, and groceries can be delivered as needed.
  • Deliver pick-up and delivery options.

The mode of delivery chosen is essential to stay competitive throughout the pandemic and improve corporate performance. As a result, if you wish to rely on it, be sure you do it correctly.

Provide the Means of Virtual Communication

When texting and SMS were first introduced to the public, they were a breeze. However, since its emergence, it has been the primary mechanism through which corporations connect with their target audiences. All modes of communication have been overtaken by texting. Everything from phone conversations to email, chat, and more is covered.

However, the COVID-19 crisis has changed the circumstances. You can simply send the SMS message with alerts, service delays, appointment details, estimated wait times, and more. Furthermore, information relevant to safety standards on the premises can be sent via SMS. 

Also, you can confirm with the visitors via SMS if they want to reschedule or cancel their visit. If the answer is yes, the customer service agents can quickly alter the waitlist, without any face-to-face interaction necessity. 

This will help to promote communication and ensure a consistent customer experience. As a result, if you need to maintain your business up to date, expand your communication options in as many ways as possible.

How Qwaiting can Help in Maintaining Social Distancing?

Queue management

Queue management comes the most challenging aspect of all when social distancing is the new norm. There would be businesses that can function online entirely. However,  it is not possible for all enterprises. Hence, proper queue management and control over customer visits come to the need. Thus, Qwaiting queue management software comes into play. It will not only help to uphold the safety norms but will reduce the customer wait times and boost their experience with the brand. 

Allows Scheduling Appointments Remotely

Qwaiting is a reliable software you can rely upon to benefit from features like a customer scheduling system, contactless queuing, and remote sign-ins. You can easily allow customers to book their visits at their leisure and cut down on waiting queues. 

Limit the Number of Visitors

Businesses would prefer to avoid crowds, especially now that the third wave of coronavirus has occurred. Qwaiting makes it possible for organizations to accomplish all of this while keeping track of active queue capacity. Furthermore, it is necessary to allow the consumer to select a location where they can wait remotely and at their leisure until their turn arrives.

Provides Personalized Notifications and Alerts

Custom SMS notifications or alerts help users stay updated who are in wait of their turn. Queue status, safety measures, expected wait times, and more are all included in this data.

Qwaiting is a queue system compatible with any device and offers a seamless user experience. In addition, consumers can leverage self-service and receive tokens by phone calls, SMS, and other methods.

Features QR Codes and Mobile Apps

Qwaiting, a dedicated queue management solution, allows users to sign in remotely via a QR code queue management system. It can provide real-time information and assist visitors to maintain a safe distance until their scheduled appointment time arrives.

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, it is not straightforward to determine what will come next. However, it is possible to learn from such tough times and look for opportunities to better prepare your business for the third wave and beyond. 

Businesses must prioritize digitization, incorporation of new technologies, and agility. These components are gonna help for optimum success when incorporated with the right tactics. 

Therefore, Qwaiting comes the solution to upgrade the services and keep up with the safety during COVID-19. So, what are you looking for? Learn from the impact of the pandemic on several businesses and get yourself the queue management software at the earliest. 

As a result, Qwaiting is the solution to upgrade services and maintain safety during COVID-19. So, what exactly are you searching for? Learn from the effects of the epidemic on various enterprises and buy virtual queue management software at the earliest.

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