Queue management during Covid

COVID – 19 made the whole world panic!!

Obviously, because there is no vaccine to date. So, the government has decided to lockdown until the situation comes to hand. 

The economy in the nation and the world is suffering a lot and is at a big loss.  This outbreak is hitting every sector or business, even if it is legal offices, grocers and pharmacies, information technology, governmental or medical care.  

The government is asking everyone to maintain social distancing and urging businesses to work from home.

Despite this pandemic situation, there are some businesses that have to remain open and cannot work from home. It is not because it is their necessity,  it is because it is essential.  Keeping that, they have to follow all the precautionary measures to assure the safety of their employees and customers. 

Particularly, those businesses that relied on queues and remain crowded with the customers have to follow the safety guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).  There is a necessity to maintain the order and keep the customers safe as much as possible.  Here comes Qwaiting as a saver.  

What is Qwaiting?

Qwaiting queue management system allows businesses to manage to prioritize and systemize the queues.  It does not enable the customers to wait and line up to get served.  The queuing system conjoins the long waiting queues, maintains the variation in the waiting lines, and maintains the customer flow management in an effective manner. 

From all the queue management systems, Qwaiting thrives because it has exceptional features. It accommodates an easy call-up system, empty waiting room, streamlines workflow, optimizes operations solutions, requests assistance in its pocket.   Hence, you can say that this queue management system makes the customer more satisfied, allows your business to grow, and converts the management in an easy way. Some of its best features include:

  • Real-Time Reports
  • Staff feedback
  • Staff Keypads
  • Booking appointment system
  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosk App
  • Multilingual Backend
  • Fully Customizable
  • PDPA Enabled
  • Multi-Language Voice hover

How Qwaiting help businesses during Covid?

Above, we have given a brief about Qwaiting’s major characteristics.  In the COVID-19 outbreak, this queue management system comes as a helping hand.  It offers a contact-free and dominant queue system to assure business safety. Before we jump directly to knowing the best ways to manage the queues with qwaiting, let’s first understand what COVID-19 is?

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Outline of COVID-19

COVID-19 is a novel strain of coronavirus first recognized in Wuhan City of China in January 2020. The incubation period of this virus is estimated to be between 2 to 14 days. This implies if the person is healthy 14 days after contact with the infected person, then, they have not been contaminated.

The spread of coronavirus can happen when there is close contact for almost 2 meters with the one with the virus.  The COVID-19 spreads when the droplets of sneezing and coughing of the infected person are transmitted to others. Below we have mentioned the two main routes of corona spreading:

  • The virus can be spread to people who are in a range of 2 meters with the infected person. The droplets while sneezing and coughing can be inhaled into the lungs. 
  • There is also a probability that someone can get prone to the virus by touching an object, hand, and surface of an infected person.

Soon after, getting the infection, the below symptoms can be seen in 14 days:

  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Tiredness
  • Fever

Basically, all the outlined symptoms can become more severe for those who are older people, have weakened immune systems, and have long-term conditions like cancer, diabetes, and chronic lung disease.

Sadly, there is no vaccine to get rid of COVID-19. So, the best you can do is to maintain social distance and avoid getting exposed. The precautionary measures as given below should be practiced daily even if the Corona countermeasures are not present in the community.


Protect your business with Qwaiting during COVID-19 Outbreak

#1. Personal hygiene guidelines

We already have mentioned earlier, that it is important to follow all the guidelines of WHO.  Overlooking it- the causes are known to all. 

Precisely during covid, you have to maintain a distance of a minimum of one meter and a maximum of three feet, not more than that.   It becomes tough to know how far the other person is standing and to make an idea to calculate the distance. We here recommend you to mark the labels on the floor with the marker or with the chalk to make it easy for the customers to know where they have to stand. 

Do not forget to disinfect the surface regularly on a priority basis when someone comes and goes.  The frequently touched plugs, switches, kiosks need to get cleaned on a daily basis.  Also, use only alcohol-based sanitizers and wipes with a minimum of 60% of alcohol.   The service agents must wear gloves while accepting anything and use tissues whenever required.

Put a note on the entrance that shows to sanitize the hands with the sanitizer or hand rub before entering.

#2. Notification System for contact-free queuing

What we really want is to stop spreading Coronavirus, so,  for that, we require empty halls.  And that you can achieve with our Qwaiting system. With this, you can notify the customers regarding their appointments and tell them about your current operational timings, the new offers, discounts, etc.  Notifications can be sent in the form of SMS and emails.  Some other changes, like, breaks, delays, deliveries, safety guidelines can be notified appropriately to the customers.

With this notification system, you can also ask your customers if they want to reschedule or cancel their bookings.  If yes, then, the staff members can make the changes quickly and reduce any possibility of no-shows.

#3. Stay informative

You should be aware of the current landscape of the market and accordingly, convert your business strategies.  Qwaiting is here to give you the latest information and provide you the local conditions to act as per the customers’ state of mind. 

Its analytics system gives a comprehensive report on what the customers are more searching for and what they are more likely to search for.  Better is to inform them if you are selling the most buying products and services.

#4. Manage peak hours and check-ins

Qwaiting allows you to dodge the number of customers visiting also, in the current scenario. Nowadays, as a business owner, your goal is:

  • to reduce the number of customers waiting for their turn in long queues
  • to avoid the waiting customer’s backlog

Here, the digital sign-in kiosk aids the customers to check-in by themselves wherever and whenever. This way, the issue of the physical line can get eliminated to a major extent. The same is implied in the virtual queuing system; the customers send detailed information of their queries in advance so that they can be solved in less time. 

#5. Keep everything transparent

Customers will approach you only when you gain their trust.  Making every notable activity transparent is the best way to do that.  Communicate with them and make them aware of what you are selling, the updated products, etc.  

In this current situation, there is a possibility that you have changed your working hours. If so, then inform them either in the form of SMS or email.  Else, you can post all the updated information on your business website or business profile.  

In addition, let them know that you are open and are following all the required safety measures.   When you are in the process of delivering the products and there is a delay in the shipping timelines, then also, keep them updated. And, tell them when they can receive the product.

#6. Virtual Queues

To eliminate the physical waiting and crowds, it is advised to leverage the virtual queues for maintaining the social distance.  These virtual queues do not let any customer wait for long in any terms and hence, it decreases the virus spread to a large extent. 

Qwaiting is here as an agent that streamlines your daily emails and phone calls and eradicates the manual work.  Now, you can include the visitors in the virtual queues and accordingly, manage your daily workflow.  When the customers have virtual queues in their mobile, they can save their time, assure social distancing, and carry out some productive work till their turn is approachable. 

#7. Appointment Management

One of the toughest things to do while managing the business is to keep up the appointments.  Qwaiting makes your task easier.  With its appointment management solution, you can ask your customers to schedule an appointment before with them. This tool allows the customers to check the vacant time slots and the exact visiting hours and accordingly, the customer’s book.  

Hence, there is already a seamless way with which you can carry out the appointments and assure customer satisfaction. Qwaiting has a token system that gives a receipt in the form of the token with the significant information related to their appointments.  The software sends an alert to the customer about the details and shows when their booking is scheduled. And at that time, they visit your company.  This is how, you can, totally, eradicate every means of long queues and assure safety.

#8. Keep interaction to a minimum

Qwaiting allows you to reduce the touchpoints and interaction to less.  This queue management system encompasses some checkpoints to keep up less communication:

  • Virtual queues allow them to reach the company only when the turn is some minutes far. 
  • Its notification system reveals both the service agents and the customers regarding the waiting scenario.
  • Qwaiting includes QR codes that you can use instead of virtual queues.  It allows the customers to notice the virtual queues either on-premises or online.  Therefore,  you can reduce the interactions to the maximum and acknowledge social distancing.

#9. Assure product safety in real-time

This pandemic has changed the behavior of customers- they have become more adroit and anxious. They do not trust that whatever you are selling is 100% safe. Hence to assure selling, you have to make sure that your products are safe and they will not get in contact with the virus. 

All we meant is that you have to go with the tone of customers to make them relax. Also, Qwaiting ensures you update the campaigns to make the changes visible in your offerings. You should update the pick up in-store, buy online, and deliver available on a priority basis.

#10. Inflate staff awareness

All the businesses must assure that all of their staff members know the current Coronavirus situation and the different ways to reduce the risks. Make sure that the staff members are cooperating in keeping the social distance and there is no physical contact between them.

Give them all the means of maintaining hygiene. Tell them to wash their hands regularly, use tissue paper while coughing and sneezing, and throw that tissue immediately after that.  Tell them to take a leave if they are showing any symptoms and report when they feel better.

How to Use Qwaiting 

Using this queue management system is an easy task. You do not have to make more efforts to leverage its outstanding benefits. Take a look below to know how it works:

  • Downloading

First and foremost, you need to download its app from the play store. 

  • Pick the vendor from the list

Now, you can choose the vendor of your choice (the branch or location) to perceive the services.

  • Choose the available time slot

As per the suitable time slot, you can book and schedule your meeting.

  • Control Virtual Ticket

After making the booking, you can either update or cancel the virtual queue ticket as per your requirement.

  • Quick notifications

Qwaiting alerts you when there is something important. 

Wrapping Up

Saying that we are being trapped by COVID-19 is not wrong.  We are not left with any option to lock ourselves indoors.  But, everyone cannot stay in; because they have to perform their daily duties. 

Many sectors face the issues of long queues that can result in a higher risk rate.  Above we read How Qwaiting helps businesses in this covid 19 crises. Hence, there is a need to follow the social distancing software, and here, our recommendation is Qwaiting.

We have in this article, have outlined all the major aspects related to this queue management system. Our advice is to follow it to the best!!  Secure and profitable results are assured. 

Let us know if you have some doubts, ask us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!  Stay safe!!