Qwaiting can manage hospitals

COVID-19 has taken hold of our lives. We are not liable to go anywhere because of the lockdown condition in the world.  Still, there is no vaccine for it.  Hence, no one has an idea about the stability of the conditions.   

Though it is affecting everyday life, the industries out there are in a great loss. There is a decline in revenue percentage. Those businesses that are totally dependent on foot traffic cannot find any option to get over it.  Besides, most businesses have allowed their employees to work from home to assure their sustainability. 

However, some of the quintessential businesses, such as medical care environments, pharmacies, grocers, and some government buildings do not have any option than to remain open. It is not because of the reason that they have to maintain the growth, it is simply because it is their duty.  And, these also heavily rely on the customers.  

This scary time has worsened the situation, the customers are now afraid to visit their offices. Of course, they do not want to get infected.  Here, our concerns lie in hospitals during Covid 19 outbreak. This industry also notices a lot of rush in terms of customers to their doors. Indeed, it increases the risks of virus spreading. No one knows who is contagious to it. 

The hospitals during Covid 19 outbreak cannot even think of getting this virus into their premises as it can easily pass on to any of the doctors, patients, nurses, or other staff members. The coronavirus outbreak is hitting the hospital industry with several shifts, overtime, and yes, with more anxiety as well. Hence, the sole purpose of this industry lies in two major objectives:

  • discover the vaccine of COVID-19
  • stop spreading it  

Undoubtedly, both of these objectives are not at all easy to accomplish. But, there is still hope. Keeping that in mind, in this article, we have come up with the best queue management system- Qwaiting. The features it accommodates are best that can be easily included in the hospitals during Covid 19 outbreak. It surely will:

  • Manage the patient efficiently
  • offers safe queuing system
  • Lowers the hospital staff stress level
  • last but not the least decreases the chances of corona-19 spread

About COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as a novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a big family of viruses that create sickness generally from the common cold to more critical diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV).

Coronaviruses (CoV) is a novel strain which was not recognized before in human beings. Firstly, it was identified in Wuhan City of China in December 2019. 

The common symptoms of coronavirus are; shortness of breath, cough, fever, respiratory symptoms, breathing difficulties, and shortness of breath. More severely, the infection can give rise to kidney failure, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended some guidelines that are essential to be followed. It includes, covering nose and mouth, regular hand washing or sanitizing while sneezing and coughing. Separate yourself from the one who has the symptoms of coronavirus.

Qwaiting: Queue Management System

Qwaiting is a fully-featured queue management system that enables the business person to manage the customer queues seamlessly and therefore, lessen their waiting times.  

This queuing system integrates the waiting line for the customers,  manages the customer flow management needs with the variation of waiting lines. Because of the secure call-up system, easy workflow, empty waiting room, request assistance, and improved operations, Qwaiting is the best.  It enhances the effectiveness, transforms, and grows the way enterprises handle their waiting queues and therefore, improves the customer’s queue waiting experience.

It enables the business owner to look after the daily activities from any of the locations without any of the errors.  The services get managed in such a way that the staff members’ workload reduces and customer satisfaction improves.

Use Qwaiting and eradicate the issues of the queue waiting in your hospital

#1. Reduce waiting for lines with virtual sign-in and queuing

Reduce waiting for lines with virtual sign-in and queuing

First and foremost, the hospitals during Covid 19 outbreak have to keep their lobbies empty, so that there should not be any chances of virus occurrence. Choosing the virtual queues reduces the long waiting lines to the maximum proportion. 

It works in a way that the patients sign-in to the virtual queue from the online patient portal or smartphone queue app. Then, they fill-ins and submit the paperwork online that enables the doctors to know the patient’s information in advance. 

After signing-in, the patients receive notification in the form of an SMS or alert system about their queue status and some delay if it persists.  When their turn is approachable, the staff informs them and they can simultaneously visit on that time period to get attended.

While in between that time period, you can assure safety by being in the car and at home. The virtual queuing also assists you to manage the attendance and eliminate crowding in waiting areas or lobbies with a guarantee of comfort in finding out the queue status.

#2. Easily Accessible

When you have a huge staff in your hospital, then if there is any change then it has to be handled perfectly. On a priority basis, your hospital members should have to be convinced enough that the new addition is beneficial for hospital management. You should elaborate on the overall process of training for all of your hospital staff.

Usually, people do not like the changes, especially, when they have to learn new things and forget the previous one. The existing tool even seems familiar, but, there is a need to be assured about more safety, this is where qwaiting arrives.

Its’ overall user experience is designed in such a way that managing it becomes intuitive and simple. Qwaiting does not compromise in terms of efficiency. Every Qwaiting system is created with a modular and completely wireless system. 

The customers can use any of the handheld devices to check-in while receiving and processes on the desktop or on the laptop. Precisely, you can get the information as much as you want to make the hospital experience a good one. 

Spending the money and time in the lengthy training can cut off the resources with more motivation to the staff. The best Queue Management System can help you save time and effort.

#3. Use reviews to discover slow points in patient care

Use reviews to discover slow points in patient care

The patient’s opinion is valuable. 61% of doctors listened to patients’ negative feedback about the waiting time. This figure can be higher if we prefer to give more voice to the voiceless. 

Understanding their reviews only means that you are considering yourself as themselves.  Their feedback allows you to know the significant issues you might be overlooking in the overall process of patient treatment flow.  Qwaiting allows you to track every patient timeline- exactly when you meet them and when they leave- in the examination room and in the front office as well.  Here, you can have a clear picture of the patient’s journey with you.

By incorporating the digital means of examining allows you to establish a smooth communication line.  When the patients open up their views and all, they are more critical and truthful to you.

#4. Handle peak hours and check-ins

If there is no active queue management system, also in the current situation, it is difficult to reliably avoid the proliferation of outpatients.

The Qwaiting aims are to :

  • reduce the number of patients waiting at any one time
  • stop an accumulation of the waiting patients

The digital sign-in kiosk assists the patients in sign-in by themselves reducing the demand for physical lines at their individual pace. Similar to virtual queueing, the patient offers you essential details before. The physical queue management system also has some disadvantages as well. Because its screen is touched by every patient frequently, then there is a need to sanitize it with the alcohol-based wipes. Do not forget to give a hand rub to every visitor.

Because patient safety should be your first priority, it is rather better to use the contactless patient management system. Here, we meant scanning QR codes when the patients arrive to enter the queue.

The benefits of securing the automated queue management system are that it saves time to a great extent by categorizing the queues.  Manually managing check-ins without a queuing system is as divisive as handling appointments over the phone.

#5. Use SMS instead of phone

If you have been to the doctor for an appointment, you may receive an appointment reminder call. It is the usual procedure to lessen the chances of no-shows and to avoid the communication gap with the patients, but their reliability is not as good as all think.

Hospitals during Covid 19 outbreak, are sending text messages to patients rather than calling. This dependence on SMS has to the new standard. You can misinterpret or easily forget the phone details, hence, text reminders should be used instead to make everything more accessible.

Furthermore, you can get calls at inappropriate times that surely irritates. In our daily lives, we missed two or three calls approximately while busy in executing some other work.

If the SMS is sent in advance, you can read and reply at the same time. Therefore, reducing telephone workload not only saves time for hospital staff but for patients as well.

#6. Leverage telemedicine in coronavirus outbreak

The substitute of virtual queues is to value the virtual visits with the telehealth solutions. Managing patients at a distance serves to stop the extent of the infection, thereby decreasing the uncertainty of further contamination.

Telemedicine allows the users to communicate online with doctors or nurses to get direction on whether the assistance of medical professionals is needed. Accordingly, the patients can be carefully observed at home without having to expose them to crowded waiting areas.

If there is any requirement of physical testing or examination, then the hospital needs to get prepare for the patient’s advent

  • protecting gear
  • an isolation room
  • staff protection protocols

Performing virtual treatments can significantly reduce waiting times and free doctors ’time by allowing them to remotely handle less critical cases.

#7. Rich experience makes more patients

We cannot deny the fact that the best customer experience is fundamental to thrive. While considering the advantages of the customer experience, the qwaiting focus on the following things:

  • If they are not satisfied, the valuable process of getting new customers is wasted.
  • Engaging existing customers is cheaper than attracting new customers.
  • Brand loyalty multiplies the customer’s life cycle value.

Nevertheless, good customer experience has another benefit-word-of-mouth marketing. The chances that you have not heard this word before, but surely, you have experienced it.

The problem is that a large number of patients prefer those hospitals that are suggested by their friends and family members.

Generally, we all verify and can take second opinions when it comes to the brand of dresses we wear. Hence, when it comes to things that are critical to their health, it is mandated to get as many recommendations as you can.

Considering all the above-mentioned things, you need to follow a particular flow:

  • Execute a Qwaiting to maintain patient flow.
  • Decrease the patient wait time.
  • Offer an outstanding customer experience- all gratitude to decreased wait time and other advantages of a Queue Management System.
  • Experience an improvement in patient inflow because of the referrals given by satisfied patients.
  • Repeat the steps and provide the best customer experience.

Convert Hospitals as the better place to visit with Qwaiting

Whatever your viewpoints are, it is not so difficult to accept the values ​​of patient supremacy and become an excellent healthcare provider.  It is so long that the waiting queues of your patients waiting for their treatment are a complaint.

Although, eliminating the waiting time altogether at the hospitals during Covid 19 outbreak, is not at all possible. Despite the current crisis of COVID-19 requires your hospital to follow the appropriate healthcare practices and protocols. 

The queue management system is there for you. Now, you can manage all your visitors at once and show you care about their health and assure safety.

We hope you have liked this piece of article.  If you find this write-up helpful then give a thumbs up. In case of any query or suggestion, you can leave a comment below.  

Thanks for reading!!