Shrivra is proudly announcing the partnership of Salonist with AppSumo.  Now Salonist is the featured product on Appsumo.

As one of the leading CRM software providers worldwide, we have created a milestone in achieving award-winning success.

Salonist on Appsumo

About Shrivra

Shrivra assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and develops certain solutions for money making results. With one million users in 50+countries and thousands of downloads on our user-friendly mobile app, we have achieved a specific benchmark. 

About AppSumo


AppSumo is a community with affordable and incredible software solutions for thousands of product supporters and SaaS technicians. It is also termed as Sumo-lings.

What We Can Deliver

Nowadays, the SMEs business software market is disintegrated. The companies should select more reliable and robust CRM software. Shrivra proposes new ways of managing businesses. 

We are working with early adopters of AppSumo to build a community of product promoters that can show the world that there is a better way to do business.  

Shrivra’s allows business owners to run their business smoothly with all-in-one product packages.