It’s not an easy task to operate a salon business. You have to open your salon centre early in the morning, attend customers, take payments from them, manage staff, take care of the online advertising activities, and keep a close eye on what’s happening in the salon centre.

You start to face different problems when footfall increases in the salon centre & your staff become unable to provide the requested services to customers. If customers fail to get the requested services at the right time, they will go away without wasting their time & speak foul about you. Increased footfall to the salon centre also gives birth to many problems.

Salonist Software has an Effective Solution for Your Salon Problems. It is a marvelous Salon online booking Software and CRM application developed by Shrivra. All salon business owners can use it to operate the business smoothly & deal with many problems comfortably. But how? Let’s find out.

1.Customer Management

Traditionally, customers go to the salon or spa centre at any time without any appointment with beauticians. In this case, they have to wait for several hours in the salon centre to receive the beauty requested services. Due to the availability of many customers, a good number of individuals fail to avail the requested services. With the help of Salonist, you can put an end to this problem permanently.

Use Salonist to book online appointments with customers at any time and any place. You can use this salon online booking software on the computer, laptop and Internet-enabled portable mobile devices. Just demonstrate the available staff, time slots, beauty services to customers & book online appointments with them.

It helps to manage the crowd at the salon centre, help all customers to get the requested beauty services and products, and create a base of satisfied customers. The Salon POS management software automatically delivers instant notifications to both parties for all significant activities and stimulates more transactions.

2. Staff Management

The success or failure of a salon centre directly depends on the performance of its staff. If your employees are honest towards their responsibilities, greet customers with a pleasant slime, and provide them with requested services, business volume increases dramatically with each passing day.

On the other hand, if your staff is stubborn, unprofessional and reckless, customers start to leave your salon centre never to come back again. It gives a slow death to your business. It is not possible for a busy salon owner to supervise the activities of all the staff every time.

Salonist is an Effective Solution for Your Salon Problems to manage your staff and evaluate their daily, monthly or yearly performance. Create the profiles of all employees on the Salon management software. This helps you to track the daily attendance of employees, work done by them, leaves, sales they generate, Feedback given by customers about different employees, etc.

You can easily generate error-free reports about the performance of all employees and manage them accordingly. Salonist acts as an employee tracking system and collects their data on the cloud server. You can analyse the collected data and determine the best/worst performs easily.

3. Database Management

Generally, traditional salon business owners use a diary, pen drive, computer, and excel sheet to collect and store business data and use them in daily activities. Offline storage and optimization of data become a problem for many individuals when the data input increases. Furthermore, anyone can steal the data from the offline storage places, alter it with a vile intention, and damage it completely. Hardware or software failure also leads to data loss.

Salonist offers an Effective Solution for Your Salon Problem. It is based on the cloud server and collects data automatically. The collected data is stored in an integrated database in the cloud platform. Only authorized individuals can access the stored data and use it to communicate with customers, introduce them to new beauty products and services, verify their claims, and conduct the salon business smoothly. Online Integrated database allows salon business owners to access the data from all places and run the business smoothly.

4. Cash Management

Financial misappropriations and scams do happen when you manage cash manually. Greedy and corrupt cashiers may steal the company’s resources if there is no monitoring system. The theft of resources may damage the financial condition of your salon enterprise and threaten its existence. It makes it easier for Salon business owners to create an online database of all transactions, track the movement of money (both in and out of the company), take payments from customers, and increase the business revenue. It helps to catch economic idiots as all tractions are monitored online.

5. Attract & Retain Customers with Discount System

We all know that discounts and loyalty points help business professionals attract more customers and retain old ones. The manual process to create discounts for customers are no longer helpful as it consumes a lot of time. Salonist collects all data about customers & automatically prepares loyalty points and discounts for them. Give those discounts to loyal customers. It will encourage new customers to avail the beauty products and services. It also helps to regain lost customers.

6. Inventory Management

Salonist- a leading hair salon POS management software, helps in inventory management also. Cashiers, salon business owners, and auditors use Salonist to automated the process of inventory audit and complete it quickly. Based on the data input, you can easily create different reports needed to complete the inventory process. With those reports, it becomes easier for auditors to physically verify the available resources in the salon center, track their uses, catch wrongdoers and ensure that the business is being run as per the established rules and regulations. Successful inventory management allows you to reduce the wastage of resources & increase the profit margins of the salon enterprise.

Final Remarks

Salonist- Effective Solution for Your Salon Problems & a highly lauded Salon management software, is used by many salon business organizations, beauticians, individual barbers all around the world. This fast, robust, and intuitive salon software helps them to run the salon business smoothly, deal with problems, and ensure maximum profitability every day. So, use Salonist & take the salon business to the next level in a few days.