Smart Review App

Is Review App legit and worth using?  Yes, for sure, it is worthy!! 

According to the statistics, the review app will hit $189 billion by 2020, and it is expected that the customers will download approximately  258.2 billion mobile apps in 2022.

Consider the fact that we all use the phone at home, in the street, at home, in bed, in cars and while eating. 

Isn’t it?

The chances that you are reading this post from mobile are 99.99%. So, the question is- what everyone is doing on the mobile phone? Let me answer- we spend most of our time on smart apps.

We use the apps on iPad, iPhone, smartphones to play, shop, communicate, read, order food, finding answers to questions, booking tickets, and the list is endless.  Visualizing our lives without it becomes an unfavorable task. So, if you are a marketer, developer, or a general user, it is vital to use the best you can and to be updated.  The aim here is to make you aware of the Review app launched by Shrivra. Let’s find out the significance of the Review App and why it is worth purchasing from Shrivra. 

What is a Review App?

When someone visits your website or enters your storefront, they have likely made an opinion on your business from the online reviews. So, accumulating positive reviews works as the best marketing strategy for any business.  Many ways are there that you can use, but it is not sure that it works for you. So, the reliable name that you can rely on is a Smart-Review App. 

Review App

A Smart review app is a tool that helps grow businesses by making your customers review for you. It is a solution that promotes automation and manages the customer review and, of course, the brand reputation.

These ratings and reviews affect the purchasing decisions of future customers. The benefits that the Smart review app has its pocket are such that; it saves time, boosts local SEO, and expands your business reputation. 

The Smart Reviews app creates new online surveys by addressing a clickable text invitation or emails to the customers so they can quickly review and rate your services. The smart review apps are helping the retail businesses and brands by: 

  • Analyzing and reverting to reviews and ratings across the web for reputation management.
  • Acquiring reviews and ratings from customers to build relevant customer-oriented content.
  • Syndicate the content or review it and promote it on the website to boost conversions.

How is Shrivra Smart Review App different?

Shrivra has built the smart review app very cleverly and rationally. With our app, businesses can set up the reviews and rating forms on either of the channels. All you need is to customize the forms, and it becomes available automatically on the corresponding channels. Following this, you can improve the response rate on SMS, mobile, email, or website. We give you the option to get the reviews from any easily accessible device, like, Kiosk, Android tablet, and on iPad.  

Our Review App has the Net Promoter Score from which you can get in-depth analytics from your employees, visitors, and customers. Setting up is not a tough task; it will hardly take some minutes. Also, the offline survey app can be adapted to use the iOs or Android-based kiosk for the survey or get the in-person review. When connected to the internet in offline mode, it can safely synchronize all data.  

It can be used in several industries- Spas and Salons, Restaurants, Hotels, Banking Sector, Healthcare, Airport, Retail Management, Automobile Sector are some of them.

The Shrivra Smart Review App encompasses of:

  • Multiple Rating Scales

From industry standards, businesses can determine the long term and short term customer satisfaction.

  • Response Inbox

The collaborative response inbox is helpful in taking action immediately from the mailbox to turn feedback into tasks.

  • Alerts and Push Notifications

Our app will send the push notification when the depressive reviews are received. The daily feedback performance report will be sent to your email ID directly.

  • Exclusive Reports and Insights 

Now, you can obtain the reports of your customer emotions from the comprehensive reports and insights.

Choose our smart review app because it is:

  • A primary device management
  • Multi-location management
  • A permission-based user management
  • Fully secure and data protective

Hope we have convinced you.  Anticipating your feedback!!  

Try our app today. Take a 15-day free trial or request a quick demo from Shrivra to check it now. Contact us today!! Thanks for reading!!