Virtual Queue system

Social distancing had never been part of our livelihood until this COVID-19 pandemic began to create havoc. However, now we’ve grown accustomed to it and will have to continue obeying it for our safety.

The global pandemic situation is increasingly worsening, necessitating precautionary steps such as social distancing and wearing masks. This presents the companies with several challenges. While the availability of necessary resources is crucial, the safety of staff and customers from infection takes precedence.

In such a situation, medical personnel, the healthcare sector, and government agencies must adjust to overcome the crisis. The pandemic will eventually end but the consequences will last a long time. Furthermore, social distancing has emerged as a new measure for customers to decide whether they require your services or not.

The question now is how to keep serving customers while minimizing the safety risks. How social distancing can be managed with virtual queuing? In this write-up, we will discover how virtual queue system could be the approach to go post-pandemic and beyond. Let’s dive in!

What Role Will a Virtual Queue System Play in Social Distancing?

The virtual queue system is responsible for handling customer journeys virtually to avoid close encounters with the crowd. Customers can sign in remotely, and employees can maintain social distance when servicing them.
Helps Accelerating Business Success

Undoubtedly, Social distancing measures are a great way for businesses to attract a new audience. However, social distancing, like other precautionary measures, will also be a task. People in some areas aren’t following the social distancing norms. But the public opinions are shifting as more studies are revealing the social distancing advantages.

Safety concerns have surpassed the most significant factors of the past, such as cost, convenience, and venue. When choosing the services, people are more concerned about safety standards than huge deals or offers.

Furthermore, the study from Podium’s State of Local Business revealed 53% of customers abandon business with no social distancing standards. This implies businesses with strict safety measures are likely to gain conversions. Therefore, if proper customer care is not provided, positive results can be followed by negative outcomes.

Incredibly, social distancing wasn’t even listed in Factor’s dictionary, but a large population now depends on it for survival.

SMS and Virtual Communication

SMS communication

Are you an expert in texting?

SMS and texting were once a craze among teenagers but they have since evolved into a critical communication medium for businesses. By a large margin, texting has surpassed all other forms of communication, including email, phone calls, and chat. However, the circumstances were much different before COVID-19.

You can send them SMS notifications with reminders, estimated wait times, appointments, and other details. Additionally, information about on-site safety standards can be exchanged via SMS (like temperature check). This will not only boost the communication but also provide a consistent user experience. Thus, if you want your business to stay updated, learning the ways to enhance communication via messaging is critical.

Contactless Delivery Approach Will Stay

The pandemic has emerged as the platform for various business verticals to experiment with new services. Particularly, the current need for implementing a contact-less delivery approach.

Even after the curbs are minimized, customers still expect Businesses to:

  • Deliver essential items such as groceries, food, and medications
  • Continue providing contactless delivery and payment choices
  •  Offer pickup delivery services

The delivery choice is becoming rapidly significant, and the business performance in such areas can impact how customers perceive it. Even, offering curbside delivery can be a big win for attracting health-conscious consumers. However, some reasons behind negative curbside delivery experience include:

  • Inefficient and slow delivery
  • Communication barrier
  • Poor planning

Thus, if you decide this, decide to do it better.

Benefits of Qwaiting

Since it is important to maintain Social Distancing following the COVID-19 outbreak, queue management has become daunting. Although certain businesses can be run entirely online, this is not the case for all. To manage queues and customer visits, queuing management capabilities is the need of the hour. Thus, Qwaiting queue management software comes as the solution for upholding social distancing norms.

Limit the Visitors Capacity

Qwaiting enables businesses to control the visitor’s limit avoiding crowds in waiting rooms and onsite. You can also keep track of the active queue’s capacity and let the customer choose the place to wait remotely for their turn.

Virtual Appointment Bookings

Contactless appointment booking, appointment scheduling, customer scheduling system, and other features are available via this interactive queue management system. Now users can schedule the appointment at a single pace.

Mobile Apps and QR Codes

The dedicated Qwaiting management solution enables the customers to track the active queues remotely. Furthermore, the users can easily sign up via QR codes Queue System. Real-time stats can be achieved, allowing visitors to wait at a safe distance before their turn comes.


Personalized SMS alerts and notifications are used to update users who are waiting remotely for their turn. The information ranges from onsite safety protocols, queue status, the expected time for their turn, and so on.

Qwaiting is a feature-rich virtual queue system that focuses on simplifying your queues. You can utilize this software on any device and offer your users a seamless experience. Additionally, customers can use self-service, sign-ups, obtain digital tokens through email, SMS, phone calls, and more. Other advantages it covers include:

  • Fight COVID-19 spread
  • Offers customer satisfaction
  • Empowers social distancing
  • Monitor queues and update customers regularly

Final Thoughts

As the customers are used to new normal, there’s no turning back now. Shoppers and businesses need to incorporate social distancing into their everyday lives. Customers’ expectations for safety are increasing rapidly, not in terms of in-person shopping but also contactless. Finally, local delivery, curbside pickup, and contactless payments are all significant features that can make social distancing effective and shopping safer.

Hence, Qwaiting is your only business solution to upgrade the services and assure safety. Our unique social distancing queue system is committed to keeping every business safe in the COVID-19 pandemic while empowering social distancing. So, it’s time to learn from the pandemic impact and get an effective virtual queuing system for your company asap. Thanks for reading!