Experiencing large queues in the store? Good, you have a growing business.

But, queues came with a downfall also- it irritates the customers, they prefer to leave and lets you face a loss in sales. 

It is not about the techniques you have equipped, queues will be there. Nowadays, when there are several options to adopt, customers do not like to wait to get served.  Even though their time is precious.  No one in this world has much time to leverage the mismanaged Queue Management Software, they have more chaos to do as well.  

From all the options out there, a powerful Queue Management Software always stays ahead. The online market is competitive, every other business wants to stand out from others. Hence, they tried their hand to make the best queueing system.  

Every queue management system has its own features, they differ according to them.  After finding the appropriate needs of your business you can get the one. 

What makes the Queue Management Software a necessity?

Queuing theory points out four key components. Let’s understand every component one by one below:

#1. Customers Population

It is the number of customers that you are serving. This number defines the population of customers in the following way:

  • Limited

It is the known limit of the customers being serviced. Here, the customers waiting for boarding a plane can be considered as an example.

  • Unlimited

This element shows that there is no limit of customers that need to get served because of the regular walk-ins. Shopping checkout counters can be considered as an example here.

To serve infinite customers is the aim of many businesses. But, it is important to manage them all appropriately. The global population is immeasurable. All come to your business to get served to the best and if you are not doing the exact, then they will not visit you again.

#2. Method of Arrival

The method of arrival defines how your customers visit your business. Find out the questions below:

  • Are the customers arriving in groups or in-person?
  • What is the percentage of time-interim in the two consecutive arrivals?
  • What about the weekly/hourly/daily distribution of customer arrival?

#3. Service Mechanism

The service mechanism defines the services and the expected resources. Find out the questions below:

  • What is the percentage of servers you have?
  • Does every queue have a different server?
  • How much does it take to serve customers?

As per the arrival method, the service mechanism assists you to find out the service pattern.

#4. Queue Characteristics

Knowing the queue characteristics is important- you need to define the queue discipline and customer behavior.

  • First-in, first-out (FIFO): The customers are served to arrive, and the customers with the large waiting time are served first. It is the general type of queue method.
  • Last in, first-out (LIFO): It is the reverse of FIFO. Here, the customers with the shortest waiting time are served first.
  • Service in random order (SIRO): This type of queuing selects the customers randomly from the queue.
  • Priority selection:   In this type, the customers are chosen from the queue according to the traditional priority process.  

After knowing the essentiality of the Queue Management Software, it is important to find the best.  So far, Qwaiting is gaining a lead. It holds the capacity to fit in every business type and flexible enough to accommodate itself easily. Qwaiting not only lessens the customer’s waiting time to a great extent but also, pushes the staff members to serve all the customers more adequately.

Surely,  you must be having some questions in mind related to this.  To answer them all, we are here with a comprehensive guide. This guide will reveal all about Qwaiting- its working, how is it beneficial for your business, etc. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!


What is Qwaiting?

For a lot, the Queue Management Software seems like a complicated term, but it is not anymore, you have Qwaiting now. It makes managing everything so seamless and things are easy to understand with it. This queuing system has the best functioning and implementation system.

Basically, it is an automated system that is designed to handle customer flow and walk-in services. The aim of Qwaiting is to manage the communication with the customers, even if it is in person or from the information given on the screen. 

Qwaiting can be considered as a CRM or an element of that.   Becoming a part of the queuing is the first step towards the interaction of the customers with the business. Qwaiting takes care of every step that improves customer satisfaction. 

Precisely, it is a smart system that assists all the business to control the customers’ queues. The features it amalgamates are:

  • Real-Time Reports
  • Booking appointment system
  • Staff feedback
  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosk App
  • Fully Customizable
  • PDPA Enabled

Fundamental elements of the Qwaiting matrix

The Qwaiting examines all the basics of the queue matrix to aggregate the data to know the serving capacity of your business.

#A. Queue Behaviour

The queue analysis includes the queue behavior study.  It examines the average difference of the efflux and influx of the customers in the store.   The important factors that need to be considered are:

  • Arrival normal frequency
  • Queue length average 
  • The approximate number of customers at the giving time
  • Troughs and peaks in customers’ arrival in the day
  • Determining serving time in the queue

After mapping the ratio of the number of customers entering the store at an appropriate time, you need to find out the time to serve the customers in the current service station in the store.

The queue serving time improvement lessens the balking and queue abandonment and enhances queue management efficiency. It even offers the best customer experience and lessens the time customers have to spend while waiting in queues. 

#B. Adequate Service Stations

Examining the queue behavior assists you to discover the relevant number of serving services in the store.  Setting the fewer stations can create a queue cluster and lead to certain chaos and a major decline in sales.

On the contrary, with more than one service station, it will result in unavoidable wastage of the resources with the monetary loss as well. 

#C. Calculating the downfalls

Figuring out the losses of your company is always the best thing to keep a hand on future losses.  The best practices test the queue management system and strengthen those weak points regularly.

Working of Qwaiting

#a. Download an App

Download an App

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to click on the APP store icon to download Qwaiting from the Google Playstore or Apple App store from any of your handheld devices.

After downloading the app, the customers can get access to it. After the access, the customers can get started using it for their best trip to queueing. And then, you can start easing the process of organizing lines and queues.

#b. Choose Vendor From List

Choose Vendor From List

The next step after downloading an app is to allow your customers to select the branch or location of their choice to enjoy the services. There are several vendors out there in the competitive market. After reviewing and checking the feedback of the customers of the vendors, you need to choose the one that you think is best for your business. 

#c. Book Available Time Slot

Book Available Time Slot

Here, according to the requirement of the customer, the scheduling of the appointment is done. The staff members of the business usually locked those hours that are non-available to entertain the customers. 

After checking the time-slots, the customers can book their appointments. Also, the customers can even schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments. And accordingly can book. 

#d. Manage Virtual Ticket

Manage Virtual Ticket

Qwaiting controls the customer’s queuing experience with the virtual queuing. The Virtual Queuing System allows you to describe the method your customers will follow to manage in the service areas. This queuing system is basically a cloud management system that interconnects those modules to provide the personalized customer waiting experience. 

The customers enter the virtual queues by collecting the ticket from the self-service ticketing kiosk. This ticket system assists the customers to manage the queues by leveraging customers with the virtual queuing solutions. It allows the customers to schedule the appointments or get a ticket from the mobile app or ticket dispenser.

#e. Instant Alerts on Mobile

Instant Alerts on Mobile

The businesses send notifications to the customers regarding any important changes. The alerts could be any change in the appointments (cancellation or rescheduling) and any change in the guidelines (change in the time slot etc). 

After getting these notifications, customers can manage their schedules. And accordingly, it can save time. 

Qwaiting- Queue Management Systems Benefits

Do not let the boring queues give you the reason to lose potential customers. Though it is an age of prompt and fast services, hence, there is a need to maintain the flow of the same. A powerful Queue Management Software is essential to maintain the customer satisfaction rate. Qwaiting furnishes the businesses to serve their customers efficiently even during peak hours. Find out below how is it beneficial for your business below:

More active Processing

The queue management system can meet the needs of customers, from reaching the branch office to meeting the service requirements at the corresponding counter, it covers all. 

It also assists customers to choose the services they need via any mobile phones or any automated device. In this way, when the customer receives the ticket with the number, they can sustain their position in the queue and at the same time can maintain the movements. In addition, customers can also evaluate their waiting time.

Increased Productivity & Operational Effectiveness

Our qwaiting system can significantly improve the service efficiency of the organization. When queuing, you can quickly and effectively deal with customers. Only some staff members are required. It makes the rest of the staff to look after the other important business matters.

Improved Customer Experience

Customer is important- keeping the customer satisfaction rate intact is one of the ultimate business aims. The queue management kiosk equips customers with the functions of distributing and printing tickets to help them enjoy the benefits of queue management tool.

The customer is connected to the intuitive visual media while waiting for assistance. By attaching customer feedback devices to Qwaiting, organizations can immediately obtain customer feedback. Further, this data can be used to improve customer services and experience.

More Engagement

Qwaiting benefits the customers and presents a well-organized way to control staff performance with a simplified hands-free process. The aim is to improve the quality of service and preserve the organization’s money and time by automating tedious tasks. This allows your staff members to centralize their focus on their key skills; thereby improving their productivity

Decreased Wait Time

The Qwaiting system can greatly reduce customer waiting time and let them make the most out of it. After notifying, the manager can better monitor the production line and reallocate resources accordingly.

This real-time queue management system lessens the average waiting time, which helps organizations anticipate service failures and helps companies operate more effectively.

Real-time performance monitoring 

Our queuing system assists in examining real-time performance and provides reports for imperative management purposes. It can assist top management to get the data of all listed branches in real-time to observe the performance of the whole company.

It assists organizations to combine analytics into business processes. Qwaiting also serves to connect personnel’s statistical information and carry out essential analysis on the data to satisfy future needs.

Wrapping it Up

Waiting in line is inevitable, but you can try to greatly reduce complexity and losses. Now, you can use Qwaiting to reduce the queue, to attract more customers, and improve conversion rates. We, assure you that your businesses will surely get profitable results and satisfied customers

Check out this blog to know how our Qwaiting system could be a beneficial deal for your business.  In case, you have some query, then you can leave a comment below or call us. One of our support team members will assist you.  

Thanks for reading!!