Queue management Myths

We all agree on how challenging and crucial is to manage the customer long queues in a structured way. Are you that personality that owns the misconceptions about queue management that also regularly trigger in your mind? We will put light on this topic and make you aware of the 5 most Popular Queue Management Myths. So, Let’s check them quickly.


Queue Management Myths: Debunked!

Myth 1: Long Queue Means More Business

It is a fact that a long queue is not ideal for the business and would eradicate the customer experience. But few exceptions believe a long customer waiting line means more business. We all agree that a queue is better to display how popular the business is. But this is not a complete truth in fact it’s a myth, because a long customer line may stop another customer from availing services.

Generally, long visitor queues display and make the wrong picture about the business. It is not an ideal parameter to check whether the growth of a store/company is in good shape or not. But a long queue happens when there’s an imbalance in this structure. It’s True, a long customer queue may present a high demand until and unless you are the owner of an Apple store. Keeping your customer waiting for a long time will result in a long queue.

It will also make a negative impact and result in a loss of revenue. Customers regularly look to check out the newer services but one repulsive experience result in picking up a spot in their black book. Eventually, more people start to neglect your business.

All in all, a better queuing solution like Qwaiting will resolve all of the above issues.

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Myth 2: Queues distinguish themselves

It is a common queue management myths among people that visitors queue manage themselves. But it’s incorrect and does not display the correct picture of the business. The long visitor queue can result in blocking the space around the premises. It can even lead to accidents around the place.

We have observed many people saying that they don’t need supervision to manage the queue.
But it’s unrealistic because an unorganized queue results in the worst customer experience.

Look at the example of a restaurant; we might have seen people standing in waiting line saying “ This restaurant must be a true heaven”. But this will be a misinterpretation as the long waiting line might daunt customers.

Today, if we talk about the organization, whether it is in the public sector or the private sector, a need to manage the customer queue is essential. There is a need to change the public perception of the long waiting and the need to implement a queuing solution.

Myth 3: More Staff means Better Queue Management


Improper Queue management

People may think multiple service staff will effectively handle the customer. It does not fit in every case as it is important how you allocate them. Assigning the staff at the same service point will not benefit your business.

We slightly agree on the point, that more staff means better business productivity but with well managed queuing solution. Queue management solution comes with a self-service kiosk that could improve the overall business efficiency. Through this way, a large section of your customer will receive a service at a healthy speed.

So, this solution will definitely improve the customer queue and help to classify different services into a particular line.

Myth 4: Visitor check-in sheet better manage the queue

Today, manual work has been replaced by a digital system, but many believe that it is worth using. It becomes difficult to provide a seamless customer experience if their perception will not get changed. Handling the customer check-in sheet is a tedious task that requires extra workers.

Talking about the solution, then there is a need to opt for a better queue system. Incorporating a Self-service Kiosk could really help in discarding the pen-and-paper check-in process. It will not only manage the check-in but also allow to improve the customer’s experience.

Myth 5: Queue Management is essential for some Sector

It is a fact that some sector, particularly the public, believes that there is no need to implement such a queue solution. But in real situations, managing the queue professionally is the utmost requirement. Many companies have adopted an automated queuing system, and several are left to adopt it.

If we talk about private banks, healthcare facilities, fast food chains, they all manage their customer queues well.


We hope that this write-up related to queue management myths will help you clear all your doubts. Managing the queue effectively is the need of an hour. Besides this, you can check our queue solution that is effective in managing the long visitor queues. And the essential way of delivering fast service is definitely through effective queue management.

Qwaiting queue solution is a leading queue management software that will handle the customer queue well. This system will help in many ways, from allowing the customer to check in from any place, checking the online status of the queue, and receiving reminders so that customers can come only when their number comes.

It will also show you the analytics data that helps to manage the business more effectively. So, try its 14 days free trial version to get a fair idea about the software.