Qwaiting v/s Qminder

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Of course, there are a variety of factors that distinguish one excellent queueing system from another. Today we will talk about how Qwaiting is the best alternative to Qminder.

Qminder is the solution that addresses and fulfills all the business requirements. It can help you grow your business and handle the overcrowding with compelling features. But the pricing is not versatile to fit all business sizes.

And here is when Qwaiting comes in.

Qwaiting is the virtual queuing system that minimizes the need to wait in lines. It allows visitors to check in to the lines remotely via digital mediums. Also, it comes with 3 different pricing plans to suit any business size, whether small, medium, or large.

It authorizes business with the features such as appointment booking, digital signage, real-time monitoring, and more. In addition to this, providing an exceptional experience, improving communication, and managing queues are some of Qwaiting’s practices.

Affordable than Qminder

Qwaiting’s basic, premium, and enterprise plans are all less expensive than Qminder’s. Qwaiting’s regular plan is $199 per month, whereas Qminder’s basic plan costs $429 per month, which is rather costly. The basic subscription of Qminder falls short of providing customized SMS functionality. Qwaiting, on the other hand, includes everything from reports to tailored messaging to branding, among other things.

Multiple Platform Optimization

In today’s technologically evolved environment, no queuing solutions should have any hardware compatibility difficulties. Software compatibility, on the other hand, is as important.

Qwaiting is a cloud-based application that works on every device. You can check in remotely whether you have an iPad or an Android device. This is because it features a single dashboard that allows you to easily manage and serve a variety of consumers.

Qminder, on the other hand, is only compatible with Apple devices and does not work with Android devices.

Real-Time Monitoring

It is difficult for humans to manually monitor all business operations while remaining productive. Having a tool that can reduce such hassles can be beneficial. Qwaiting is a queueing solution that helps companies keep track of business details. Also, it makes queue management simple.

It keeps track of everyone, from employees to customers and visitors, and updates on work progress. Customers can also see their current queue status- thanks to real-time monitoring.

Remote Appointment Scheduling


Appointment booking

It is a feature that simplifies things for both users and service providers. Users may book, check-in for appointments fast and efficiently without having to queue in person.

In addition, this feature provides virtual queuing with shorter wait times. It reduces the time required to visit and wait in line, allowing customers to use that time to perform other chores until their turn arrives. As a result, it creates a positive consumer experience by reducing overcrowding and eliminating waiting frustration.

Exceptional Customer Support

Entertaining customers and solving their queries is what they require when they engage with a business. So, Qwaiting offers 24*7 customer support to the customer. However, Qminder customer service is a bit slow and sometimes takes more than a day to respond to a client inquiry. So, submit an email or give us a call at Qwaiting, and you’ll get a quick response.

Real-Time Reporting

Qwaiting is a beneficial tool that generates reports for multiple business branches in real-time. The average waiting time, the number of people in line, the average serving time, and other statistics are included in these reports. It’s also integrated with data analytics, which gives you data like:

  • Staff Performance: Total employees’ performance who gave the most service to consumers, including which staff require training and should be appreciated.
  • Consumer Behavior: The customer’s desired services, the no-shows, and the record of customer contacts are all factors included.
  • Service Stats: It includes information on average waiting times, queue length, and ways to improve customer service.

Customer Feedbacks

Qwaiting provides the customer feedback feature, whereas Qminder lacks it. Customers can use this to submit feedback or thoughts on the productivity of the employees. Consumer ideas and testimonials help firms to identify areas that need improvement. Also, they need to work to improve aspects where they are falling short of client satisfaction. Overall, feedback is essential to boost overall business growth.

Mobile Usage for Clear Communication

When it comes to combining a mobile device with a queue management solution, the focus isn’t solely on mobile queuing systems. There’s a lot more to it.

With this, the advantage of SMS and texts emerges as one superior medium of consumer communication. Text messaging has been used for years as a means of two-way communication. Face-to-face talks are no longer desired since the world has become increasingly digital, and texting has become the new norm.

To put it another way, you can use texts and SMS to do the following:

  • Send booking confirmations or wait time estimates.
  • To avoid no-shows, send out alerts and messages to customers about their upcoming appointments.
  • Provide updates on specific service policies.

Overall, incorporating an online queue system with an SMS message capability is a bonus. It is no longer an option but rather a requirement.


Easily Configurable Than Qminder


Qwaiting, an alternative to Qminder allows you to quickly and easily modify fonts, background colors, and logos. This feature helps in adding a personalized touch to your customer service.

Qwaiting is the Best Alternative to Qminder

Although Qwaiting is technically a queue management system, its primary focus and benefits are in the field of customer experience. This is because it is used not only for business purposes but also to provide excellent customer service.

As a result, if you want to give enhanced user experiences, you should use Qwaiting. Look at the factors which you may have missed with Qminder, and make the most of its offerings.

Move to Qwaiting, the best alternative to Qminder, and enjoy a 14-day free trial!

Hopefully, you find this write-up beneficial. Do let us know any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.