Avoid Queue During Covid-19 Vaccinations

Covid has taken over our lives at a drastic rate. Every day people have to take tons of precautions to keep themselves safe from the virus. These precautions are helpful but social distancing is of utmost importance. In such a time, if social distancing is not practiced, there can be consequences. The worst part is that these consequences won’t just be limited to the person who chooses not to stay at a distance from others but for huge masses. The reason for it is that COVID spreads at an alarming rate.

In times of lockdowns, curfews, and social distancing, health care facilities have to deal with it efficiently. Whether it is people going to hospitals for vaccines or getting themselves tested, hospitals have avoided long queues for everyone’s safety. This is where the social distancing queue system
comes into play. Following are some of the ways through which hospitals can keep patients safe by avoiding queues during Covid-19.

How Queue System is beneficial?

It is easy to say that hospitals should avoid queues but getting that into action can be quite difficult. This challenging task of managing queues can be near impossible if the queue system is not used in the process. The simple answer to the queues system is for healthcare facilities to automate their daily tasks. Such systems can help in effectively managing waiting lines. Sometimes walk-in customers stand in lines for long durations to get tokens while others might pile up in a waiting room. Let’s take a look at some of the ways queue management systems can help in avoiding lines. 

#1. Appointment System

Appointment System

First, there is the issue of booking an appointment. Instead of doing it over the phone, a lot of people choose to make them in person. This means that daily there are tons of people piling into healthcare facilities so that they can get appointments to get their problems solved. When the first step is automated, there can a massive reduction in waiting room queues. 

The booking appointment systems help get the patients their required slots in no time. When done manually, his process can take ages and elongate lines. 

#2. Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Ever found yourself getting lost in a hospital or a mall? That is one situation all of us have been in at least once in our life. What people tend to do in such situations is that they head for the huge map or go to the counter for directions. As a result, you might have a lot of confused people clumped together.

Digital signage is perfect for this purpose. The signage can easily display the layout of the facility. Moreover, videos and images are playing on digital signage which helps to keep the patients informed as well.

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#3. Token Generation Kiosk Apps

Token Generation Kiosk Apps

Often in hospitals, when people enter they move right away towards the token generation counter. At a counter, one or two employees are rapidly trying to get tickets. This simple process of generating tokens can be tackled with the help of machines. These machines can generate tickets in the blink of an eye and speed up the process. 

This is a great way to avoid queues and keep patients safe during Covid-19. The quicker the tickets come out, the fewer people there will be in a line.

#4. Notification Alerts

Notification Alerts

A lord of times patients try to be efficient and come to their appointments earlier. There are also tons of people out there who forget the timing of the appointments and end up waiting for hours in the waiting rooms. As a result, the hospital and clinic waiting rooms are always piling up with people sitting shoulder to shoulder.

A great way to avoid this is to alert people of their timings. With the queue system’s patients can get their token number details through SMS notifications. They can also get alerts about the timing and the confirmation of their appointments. All these are perfect for ensuring that there are a minimum amount of people unnecessarily sitting in a hospital waiting room.

#5. Display Screens

Display Screens

Another major issue is that once patients revive their tokens, they get extremely impatient. Of course, waiting can be quite annoying so people try to inquire. They keep piling up at counters and try to ask about their turn. How much time is it going to take, when will they get their turn, and should they leave and come back?

All these questions can be answered by the token number screen which will display token numbers and guide people as to when they should head over the counter.


Finding efficient solutions drying Covid-19 is of utmost importance to keep everyone safe. Hospitals are the hub of infections and it is crucial to keep the wellbeing of staff and patients in mind. A queue system like Qwaiting Queue Management System is the perfect solution for such dilemmas.