Long Patient Queues

With Covid on the rise, it can be extremely challenging for healthcare facilities and hospitals to create a safe and comfortable environment. This doesn’t just entail good service but also proper queue management. In the times when social distancing is a necessity, hospitals might find themselves in sticky waters trying to create a stress-free experience.

This is where queue management systems come into play. The best thing about queue management systems is that they don’t just work on reducing the number of people in a queue but do a lot more. With the help of these systems, hospitals can incorporate CRM. Such systems come filled to the brim with various tools that can help in automating a patient’s entire experience.

Avoid Long Patient Queues During Covid-19 Vaccinations

#1. Schedule Appointment

appointement schedule

First off, starting with the appointment dilemma. It is equally challenging for both patients and doctors to align appointments. There are a lot of chances of human error as a result of which there can be a lot of confusion. When there is ambiguity on the horizon, people like to manage their appointments in person to avoid any more miscommunication. With the help of a queue management system like Waiting, everyone can schedule their appointments from the comfort of their homes. This assists you to avoid the queues During Covid-19 Vaccinations.

With individuals making their appointments at home, hospitals and healthcare facilities can benefit a lot as there will be a minimum amount of people waiting in queues.

#2. Notification and Alert Systems

Notification and Alert Systems

Secondly, coming to the notification and alert systems. Another major reason why waiting rooms are found to be filled with patients and visitors is that some choose to arrive earlier and clash with the ones who were supposed to be there. People try to be present in the waiting room earlier than required. Queue management systems like Qwaiting can help in efficiently managing patients so that services could be provided to them in a hassle-free manner.

The SMS alerts and notifications can inform the patient of their appointment time. Once briefed on the timings, they can then choose to wait outside the facility and arrive right on time. This way the waiting time can be efficiently managed and queues can be avoided. So, with this, you can avoid long queues during covid-19 vaccinations.

#3. Usage of Token Display Screens

Using display screens will help lessen the amount of confusion and hustle-bustle in a healthcare facility. During the COVID times, all patients and visitors must observe social distancing. This social distancing will at its optimal state if all patients and visitors are at a distance of 6 ft. from each. 

With the digital display screen, each individual will be able to view the token number shown. This is an efficient tool to avoid visitors moving around inquiring about their turn. Moreover, the digital signage and display screens will also come with an announcement tone. This tone will call the number and keep the visitors informed. Any patient whose token number might take a while can leave the facility to not waste their time. This is a great tool in efficiently helping both the staff and the visitors. 

#4. Ticket Dispensing Machines

Ticket Dispensing Machines

Another tool incorporated in queue management systems that helps avoid queues and clusters of people in one spot is a dispensing machine. As the name indicates, a dispensing machine comes into wait when visitors are trying to get a ticket for their turn. We have all heard of instances when people had to stand in lines for hours and hours just so they could get a token. No more of that with the ticket dispensing machine.  

A dispensing machine automates the task of handing out tickets. This is a hugely beneficial aspect for employees as the manual labor is eliminated. Instead, the dispensing machine can print out tickets and move the process rapidly. Moreover, patients don’t have to wait for hours as the machine supports multiple users. These tickets will contain all the details that a visitor will be availing of. 

#5. Real-Time Reports

Real Time Report

Lastly, this is one feature that doesn’t involve the visitors as much as it does the staff. The managers and the staff overseeing day-to-day activity will find this to be highly beneficial for obtaining reports. This report will elaborate on the average waiting time for an individual, the time it took to serve the visitor, and other various aspects including the number of people in a queue.

When all such facts are known and analyzed by the team it can get easier for them to work on their weak spots.


With technology taking over our lives, it is only wise to use it in your favor and improve the quality of service provided. With fewer waiting times and automated systems, queues can be managed efficiently. This is why queue management systems are the most optimal solution in terms of getting rid of long queues.