Ride sharing queue system

The ride-sharing companies have seen tremendous growth recently. With an increase in industrialization and population globally, road traffic has increased, particularly in large cities. In all, it demands comfy and easy transportation. As of now, the ride-sharing industry has a business of $61 billion. The statistics have revealed till 2025, its market value will touch $220 billion approximately. These figures confirm that it is profiling at a higher rate and we cannot see it halting anytime soon.  

Therefore, to make the experience seamless for riders and drivers, there is a need for a smart solution- Ride-Sharing Queue System is the name of it. It is a system that eliminates confusing long lines, collects feedback and driver’s information. Thereby, reducing the time required to register and onboard the rider.  There are several other factors that make a queuing system for ride-sharing companies a must-have! This article aims to show you its importance for the best rider and driver experience. Check out!

How does the smart queuing system work?

Usually, when the driver applies to ride-sharing companies to work, the long queues consume a lot of time. All this makes the process full of hassles and tiring.

Virtual Queue System

The queue management system for ride-sharing is a helping hand here! How? Find out below the key steps it follows to make the registration process seamless and quick.

Easy sign-in:

With the queuing system, the user can sign in from any portable device. Then, the required information can be filled in. Additionally, the queue stands or the kiosks usually integrated at the entrance convert the sign-in process quick.  

Virtual queuing:

After signing in, the users simply cannot miss their turn. Generally, the system sends the notification when the turn is nearby, or the display screen shows the queue status in real-time. Considering so, the applicant can be available on time to get served. 

Quick on-boarding:

As we mentioned above, the users get a notification defining the approximate time to be present via SMS or email. While signing in, the data collected converts the on-boarding process quickly and smoothly. 

How Ride-Sharing Queue Management Systems Give Seamless Riding Experience?

Less waiting time 

The smart queuing system for ride-sharing companies assists the drivers and riders to spend their time by valuable means. Rather than waiting in line for their turn, using time for other things is meaningful. The queue management system will:

  • send the reminders confirming the queue status.
  • allow the riders to mention their pick-up location in the radius.
  • authorizes the drivers to define the on-duty zones and gets notifications to remain online when there is a rider nearby matching their suitable ride kind. 

Compelling Features for smooth riding

ride sharing queuing software

No one likes to wait if the driver will not arrive on time. Usually, this happens when the arrival time is not assured. Using the queue management solution for ride-sharing companies, the drivers and applicants can find out the right time to approach. It is a convenient way for passengers to travel from one location to another. Knowing the departure time, visible fares, and approximate arrival time before confirming the ride, the applicants can make the right decision. 

Integration with popular ride-sharing platforms

The reliable and smart queuing system gives riders consistent, secure and best service. However, most of the solutions are integrated with the ultimate ride-sharing companies and give the driver’s ETAs updates in real-time. These solutions assist in handling the day to day activities by effectively examining drivers and boosting the customer satisfaction rate. 

Manages large queues and riders

The cloud-based Ride Queue System eliminates all the elements related to long queues. Using it, the riders will not wait for more time to start their journey. It controls queues easily and unites with the ride-sharing companies. Moreover, the queuing solution holds the capacity to handle more and more riders, confirming a satisfactory experience. 

The queue management system accepts the ride-booking and moves them to queues, schedules rides, and keeps track of every trip.

Applicable for every business model

Indeed, if it is about a smart queuing system, then, it simply means, reducing the time of waiting in a queue or totally eliminating it. Despite the type of company or model you have, it fits perfectly for drivers and riders in a friendly and effective way. Also, it sustains waiting lists enabling the drivers to be back in even if offline.

With easy accessibility, the Ride Queue System processes the operations efficiently, enhances customer satisfaction rate, confirms out of the box adherence with rules & regulations, suggests new services, and so on.

Decrease Pre-trip Time and Complaints

ride sharing queue management system

The Ride-Sharing Queue Management System is a real-time, flexible and effective way for riding management. You can call it a professional enforcer that makes the complicated riding experience a comfortable one. Using the software when in a hurry gives many options nearby for the best riding. What’s more? It notifies the riders via SMS regularly and tracks the driver’s status. Though, they can even check the actual place of the driver remotely from the software.


As global warming is a major issue these days, the ride-sharing industry has gained much support globally. Undoubtedly, companies can leverage personal economic sustainability, business development, and service expansion. It is enough to understand the idea in order to achieve excellent results. And with all the comforts that come, chances are everyone prevails! But, there is a need for a smart queuing system for making the riding experience a breeze. 

It does not matter if the rider books in advance or quickly asks for pickup, the Ride Queue System turns out to be best served. Qwaiting is by far the best solution of all.  The system fulfills every means for rider’s and driver’s demands.

So, if you are in search of the best queuing system for your ride-sharing company, give Qwaiting a try! Contact us for a quote!

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