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For businesses, giving the best customer experience and generating ROI are important. Also, keeping the product cost-effective, giving quality services, and managing the customer’s flow without letting them wait is highly essential. Collectively, these efforts assure your business’s productivity. But, if you fail in customer satisfaction, then, get ready to face the consequences. 

The research confirms that if the waiting time is more than five minutes, then, 73% are likely to abandon the service. Only 25% prefer to wait for just two minutes.  And, 59% can wait for four minutes.  

The statistics must come as a surprise for you! So, just prioritizing the operational tasks is not enough, give the required attention to your customers. Here, you need definite help and Qwaiting- a queue management system is the name for you!  It is the solution that supports you in managing your workplace, enhances employee productivity and refines each aspect related to your service. 

Why Choose Qwaiting for Business Productivity?

Reduce Waiting Time And Crowd

reduce customer waiting time

When it comes to improving workplace productivity, consider managing customers’ requirements with staff availability. If your store’s waiting room is equip with customers, then, definitely, handling them becomes a tough task. Using Qwaiting, you can streamline all these tasks. It enables you to send a notification regarding the estimated waiting time.  Accordingly, the customers can use their time in completing other tasks and hence, their experience improves. From the real-time dashboard, the front office staff members can find out who is waiting for which service.

Leverage Customer’s Reviews 

Because of the appointment booking software, scheduling the customer’s appointment becomes an easy process.  From this solution, they can check the availability and book appointment according to convenient slots.  What more Qwaiting does is that it keeps track of the customer’s reviews, purchasing habits, payments, etc. Using this data, the businesses can promote their business and improve their productivity. The simple and comprehensive graphs give an outline of where improvement is required and where your strategies are showing the best results. 

Fix empirical KPI objectives

A key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric that measures your workplace performance. Indeed, it shows if the process executed has gained the required outcome or not. Majorly, the KPI examples are:

  • Percentage of leads within the sales funnel
  • Enhancing the approximate conversion time
  • Improving the staff involvement rate and time

Qwaiting follows the SMART approach to define the goals, like:

  • Specific: properly defined, free from vagueness, definite aim to verify the results. 
  • Measurable: Check out the progress and know how soon you can achieve the objectives.
  • Assignable:  finding a suitable user for goal ownership and notice it till the finishing line.
  • Relevant: small plans must be included in the bigger goals. 
  • Time-bound:  Fix the task completion time or data. It compels you to complete the desired action without postponing it. 

Following the above-mentioned goals, you can eliminate or reduce the customer’s waiting time.  This way, you can specify the KPI aims. Remember, if the goal is less obscure then the less uncertain your future as a business owner will be.

Monitor Staff Productivity

In addition to the ease of managing the calendar and scheduling, the virtual queuing solution proffers rich business intelligence Qwaiting- the smart system gives comprehensive details on business reports and analytics. This data is beneficial to find the setback of workflows.  Using this you can make an idea of where and how workplace productivity can be improved. 

Automating repeatable operations

The greatest barrier to workplace excellence is an overemphasis on employees to complete the tasks manually. In business, there are several complicated operations that consume more time for staff. Because of many operational tasks, the staff members become irritated. In all, it results in a reduction in staff productivity and morale or conflicts or stress in the workplace.  In general, there is the front-desk staff that handles queues and crowds. On the whole, it benefits nothing!

But by implementing Qwaiting, not only do the queues speed-up but, the process of automation improves. Essentially, each visitor can check their queuing status in real-time and get overall control.  Certainly, it saves your staff time that can be used in completing other tasks. 

But, you need to be cautious about balancing human communication and service automation. Don’t overly and kill the personality of your business

Monitor Service Operations

Qwaiting reviews your service procedures related to performance measurement and the direct result of it: how, what and who. The way to reduce excessive costs for any business is to determine low performance and work on it immediately. When you understand all the weaknesses and blockages of your business, addressing them without cutting your profits is possible.  In general, there are several reasons for workplace inefficiency, some are defined below:

  • Fewer growth possibilities: As a business owner, you must know that growth possibilities give motivation. There is less percentage of those working on a similar task at the same salary. 
  • Stress at the workplace: Stress affects the staff mentally and physically. When they are overburdened, productivity levels decrease. However, their frustration can move to colleagues, clients, etc. 
  • Negative working environment: Being appreciative is not enough, the workplace vibe has to be the best. Interpersonal communication and relationships play an essential role in a positive workplace. 
  • Unclear direction and objectives: The role and responsibility must be defined clearly. Otherwise, the staff can assume their role themselves. 

All of the above-mentioned elements can be improved if the right approach is followed.  Qwaiting lets you audit the procedures and service practices. It provides an in-depth analysis of individual and general performance. 

With Staff optimization, the redundant labor cost can be reduced and you can invest smartly for higher productivity.  The queue management system provides general information related to customer service: 

  • Traffic flow and customer volume
  • Peak hours of your workplace location
  • Approximate waiting time measures

According to these indicators, the improvements can be made according to customer satisfaction and business strategies. 

Gives Important Business Insights

queuing management system

The queue management system produces highly essential business information.  The data comprises your customer’s journey, the issues they face and the aspects that hamper their experience with your workplace. In addition, it keeps track of the queue lines and the approximate waiting time on macro and micro levels. The virtual queuing solution keeps a record of the staff members performing best on specific services. Moreover, it examines system usage details and staff KPIs. 

Businesses can efficiently find out where bottlenecks occur and what generates them, as well as examine staff performance.  Using the data, they can take the required actions, form strategies and amend the future strategies.  Positively, it supports them in using the resources effectively and efficiently. It decreases the delivery cost of services and improves the operational persuasiveness and higher profitability of the workplace. 

Concluding Remarks

Our experience speaks for itself! Qwaiting has assisted several workspaces in improving their productivity, and making result-oriented and informed decisions.  The features included in the queue management system handle the staff and customers smoothly. 

It can be integrated easily with your site, you can communicate with your customers and solve their queries. We are available 24X7 to help you and give the required support whenever required. Approach us now to know more!